We are Sightseeing Lisbon and our Mission is to give your Group an unforgettable stay in our city.

SSL is composed of four friends who are committed to making your trip as stress-free as possible. We fell in love at first sight with Lisbon and have spent the last three years as amazing tour guides, dedicated to sharing our passion with visitors.

It’s simple: we want to help. We are not only committed to the well-being of our wonderful visitors, but also to that of the city we call home. At Sightseeing Lisbon, we are committed to sustainable tourism and culture and it is our mission to combine tourism with an active engagement in the local community.

What is sustainable culture?

Sustainable culture is one solution to problems of overtourism in cities becoming negatively affected by overtourism and rapid development. You can read about such issues in Lisbon here.

We sustain culture by allowing it to become timeless and transcendent: integrating the culture of the past into the present, thus preserving it for the future. At SSL, we are committed to helping to bridge the gap between tourists and locals, by way of providing sustainable cultural experiences for our clients.

What makes a sustainable cultural experience?

It has to affect us beyond our immediate perception.

More than just checking something off a list of “must-sees”, it needs to be truly memorable for the individual. How? We need to engage with it, either emotionally or with our senses. Emotionally, when travelling, we may go beyond the cookie-cutter experience by delving deep into the stories of a city and its people and finding within itnsome curiosity or relatability that thus makes it memorable. This means talking to people who live in a place, understanding the traditions, the routines and the culture and becoming part of these, even if just for a few days. More than just seeing a monument or landmark, learning its story or seeing it from a perspective other than our own means it stays with us and deepens our experience.

Sensorially, we remember things we smelled, tasted, touched and heard that were new and different: what was the background noise, was there a potent smell, were we drinking a truly wonderful glass of wine…? Food and music are often one of the most established aspects of a local culture, and experiencing these profoundly deepens our memory of a place and the impact it has on us.

In order to be sustainable, this cultural experience therefore, integrating our senses and our emotions, must positively impact the local community so that it may have far-reaching consequences that impact the future.

This is where we come in, and it is our mission to direct our energy and a portion of our profits towards supporting the local community of Lisbon, so that it may continue to bloom for every new wave of visitors.